Thursday, July 19, 2012

Christian Bautista: Nagiisang Bituin

Christian Bautista sings another beautiful song from the sound track of ABS-CBN's soap opera Princess and I which it self is another world class production.

In a time when most songs usually use the same set of words hearing this songs is so refreshing for OPM lovers.

I just hope that more musicians would write more original songs with fresh lyrics, this I think is what we are lacking of here in the music industry in the Philippines. I mean it gets tiring to listen to what you say as new music but same old set of words used. right?

So here's the lyric video of Christian Bautista's new song Nagiisang Bituin.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Alessandra De Rossi: Make It Better (New Music Video)

Finally Alessandra De Rossi has launched a full music video of one of her songs entitled Make It Better which is my personal favorite. 

Alessandra has made a following already for her music through the social media and video sharing site Youtube. Some of the comments in the site include "Kung sino pa yung hindi singer siya pa yung interesting ang music" which is quite true as she is the first one (as far as I know who has created such genre in the local music scene)

The music video is very good except for the some parts that I didn't like, the water scene and the scene where she was in between two bamboos. I didn't like the water scene kase di masyadong malinis yung pagkakagawa. I wish that they just focused more on the sand dunes scenes and made more shots of the last frames where alessandra was so angelic and had her sing then spread it throughout the video. Otherwise it was perfect for me. 

But still nothing changed. The song is still awesome!

So here it is..... Make It Better by Alessandra De Rossi